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Where have all the bookstores gone?

So I'm back in California now, and one of the first orders of business was to pick up a copy of Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer which Jeni and I are going to read through together in the next couple of weeks while she's still in Washington. We picked up her copy at Barnes and Noble in Spokane, which has a great selection of books by theologians from Aquinas on up. So I figure Borders in the mall down here would have a pretty decent selection, too, since they are the 500 pound gorilla of the book selling world. They had one book about Bonhoeffer, and none written by him. Suck-age. So I drive a few blocks to the Barnes and Noble only to find that it isn't there anymore. Sad day. So here's the rundown:

Barnes and Noble=Superior Bookstore with great selection
Borders=Mediocre bookstore+mediocre music store+chic cafe

What?!? Chic cafe?!? Borders is obviously the superior store.

Oh and by the way, the Borders in Spokane cancelled their open mic night even though fifty some-odd people were showing up every week and buying stuff in the chic cafe. Oh yeah, and they cancelled it on the week I was scheduled to play for the first time. I'll get over it.

So back to the story. The book is nowhere to be found, so I get the bright idea to check out the church library and see if they have a copy. After looking for a while, I finally found an old copy which I opened up to find the name "Bruce Price" written in the cover. That was kind of cool. So now I get to read through my dad's old copy which he read back when he was my age.

Well look at that, a happy ending to the story. Oh, and Life Together seems like a really good book so far.

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