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Holy Fricken' Crap

I just made the best chicken soup EVER.

It's Late

Hmm, no new post in a while, huh? I'm tired but for some reason I haven't gone to sleep yet, even though I brushed my teeth hours ago. Jeni is really sick, possibly with a parasite contracted from the school cows. I have a sore throat. I just scored a 5 out of 8 on this quiz. I also just won this ebay auction that AJ pointed out to me. Seriously, it's time to sleep. For real post coming soon. Oh yes, soon.

The Best Movie I Have Ever Made

Seriously, I don't know how else to describe this movie. I made it with iMovie and the iSight camera, since Jeni is gone for the week with our real camera, and I wrote the music in Garage Band. So, without any further ado, The Food Movie:

The Food Movie on Vimeo

Here's a link to an mp3 of the music.

Well, there you go. Aren't you glad we're back to being nonsensical and goofy after that serious stretch for a while there?

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