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A New Blogdentity

So, I'm thinking of replacing this blog. While it has served me well on and off since 2004, I feel like it might be time to move on to something a little more with the times, with all that cool stuff like 'tags' and 'recent comments,' you know, the stuff all the cool kids are into. I also wouldn't mind ditching the once clever but now all to cumbersome 'darkbeerisathrillride' from my blog's address. So I'm trying to think of stuff for a new blog...names, themes? What would you, faithful reader (and I use the singular quite intentionally) like to see in the future of this blog? I think that while the new version of this blog will retain its individual identity, it may become more integrated with, if that's cool with Jeni. So what do you think?!

(As a side note, I don't have a counter on this page so I have no idea aside from comments how many people may or may not be reading. I'm not interested in a roll call, but I am specifically interested in knowing if there are any lurkers out there who've found my blog via myspace or facebook. I'm just curious is all.)

7 Responses to “A New Blogdentity”

  1. # Blogger Matt

    Remember when your blog looked ridiculous? Like with the dinosaurs and the alcohol and Forrest Baird's head? Or that Granny with a shotgun? Yeah, that was awesome. It looks entirely too professional and boring now. How bout you make it ridiculous again. That's my two cents.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    um. did you just comment on your. own blog? with. advice..? I think you just blew my mind, dude.  

  3. # Blogger Chris Ing

    As far as names:

    Matt-er of Fact

    Or the Blogging Shoes. Just because I like that.  

  4. # Blogger Andrew Seely

    i'll have a blogroll, with crab meat, artichoke hearts and a little fresh ground pepper, if you please, with a dr pepper on the side.  

  5. # Blogger Jenevieve

    Oh, Anastasia, he does that all the time in real life. It makes things like "two-way conversation" so, I dunno, passe.

    My little captcha is "Kuejaq". That might make a good blog name. And I'm all for increased font size and possibly some sort of interestingness on the page.  

  6. # Blogger Mariquita

    I can't compete with Chris's names (except maybe Mattemphetamine), but I would love to see a Jungle Animal themed blog with animal analogies and an occasional Jaguar pouncing on links and eating them.  

  7. # Blogger Ryan Pappan

    I like "Matt, the other white meat", "2380 stone of Matt", "Matt de Dunedin", "Southside MATT", "ATM (All-Terrain Matt)", "Ex-Pat Matt", "Demographically Inclined Matt", "The Royal House of Price", "The Price is Right", "Mattacular", "Litany of Matt", and "Fully Articulated Matt"

    I have many ideas on the visuals. I must wait until a name is selected or at least narrowed to offer this information.  

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