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Something for AJ to be Jealous Of

So we went and got a phone today for the purposes of Jeni being pregnant/next year going to school way out in the boonies. It's a top of the line 5 years ago flip phone, nothing too fancy, normal camera phone. Phone was £34 plus £10 for prepaid minutes. Our idea was that we'd share the phone, with Jeni having it almost all of the time. In the UK all incoming calls are free on mobiles, so we figured we'd just use the phone for the person who's out to receive calls from the person at home. We sgot the phone from Orange who's not the biggest carrier over here but had some pretty good cheap deals. One of their deals is that you can choose three other Orange mobile numbers to be your "magic numbers." Basically, you can call your three magic numbers at the rate of 15p an hour (about 30 cents). Of course, we'd need another phone. Here's the one that caught my eye.

Ok, in my book, this is an awesome phone. It has features! These features include, and are limited too, making and recieving calls, sending and recieving texts, storing phone numbers (indexed with names nonetheless!) telling the time (with alarm), and ringing! Well, it has a few other features, too. You can plug it in to charge it. That's a pretty cool feature. Of course you don't get to do that often because it has a 12 day standby battery life. Part of the reason the battery lasts so long is because it has an e-ink display which displays two glorious colors: black and white! It also has a cool feature which I guess has become passe since no phones have it anymore, which is that the buttons with the numbers on them, you know the ones you use to dial, are all the same size and shape and arranged in a regular grid! Perhaps it marks me as a curmudgeony old fogey that I think ease of button location and use is a desireable design feature in a phone, but whatever, I'm sure I'm already marked as worse for somehting or other.

Wow, I'm really excited about a phone. A phone! The thing that I've always maintained it is stupid to be excited about! Only in this case, I'm excited because it's only a phone and nothing else. Weird. Also (mainly), it's only £10.

Yeah, we didn't pick one up today because we only got to talking about it on the way home from the shop, but if we shell out £10 more, we'll be able to call each other for less than the price of a pay phone call in the States. I'll probably go pick one up tomorrow and bask in its awesome simple utilitarian ugliness.

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