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Ever 3 and Ever 1

Here's a new song for y'all, this time in glorious mp3 format for easy access by all the peoples. I didn't know until just a minute ago when I checked Anastasia's blog that yesterday was Trinity Sunday, so the timeliness of this song is naught but a happy coincidence. This is a simple little Trinitarian song that doesn't try to plumb the depths of the nature of the Trinity (seeing as how I only devoted two lines to each person), but instead reflects on the interconnectedness (word?) of the Father, Son and Spirit. I made this recording this moring just intending to try out a new mic placement for the guitar, but ended up filling out the rest of the song as well. I think this is the best acoustic guitar sound I've gotten on a recording so far. The voice turned out pretty well, too, even though I'm still using an instrument mic for vocals. Also, I think the shaker sounds excellent.

Ever 3 and Ever 1

Later on this evening I'll convert my older songs from m4a to mp3 so everyone will be able to open them.

5 Responses to “Ever 3 and Ever 1”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    yeah trinity songs!  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    gosh matt, I really love your voice. you know that?  

  3. # Blogger Matt

    Jeni says that, too. I like my voice when I hit the notes in tune, sometimes I have to fish around a little. Warming up and singing often helps, so hopefully I'll make a habit of both those things.  

  4. # Blogger Miranda

    that word be hypostatic union or mutual interpenetration (and yes, you can laugh about the second one.)  

  5. # Blogger Matt

    I'm sure that's in my notes from Adam's class.  

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