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Planning a Trip to Edinburgh?

I know some of you are! One thing you should be ready to do in Edinburgh is a whole lot of walking. Yesterday was a good example:

Walking Jeni to her bus stop first thing in the morning so she can go play with dead hens: 1 1/2 miles
Walking to the accommodations office to pick up keys to look at a new flat: 2 miles
Jogging in the Meadows, a large park in the city center: 3 miles
Walking back to accommodations to return the keys, stopped at the bank on the way there and the store on the way back: 2 miles
Walking with Jeni to the new flat so she can at least see where it is, if not the inside: 3/4 miles

Total: 9 1/4 miles

I'll admit, yesterday was a bit more intense then average, I'd say I have a day like that only about once a week. Still, my daily average is about 4 or 5 miles. Of course, if you're coming for a visit it's bound to be more, since the only real way to see the sights around here is on foot.

5 Responses to “Planning a Trip to Edinburgh?”

  1. # Blogger Jenevieve

    Walk from bus stop at farm to hen house: 1 mile (one way)

    Walk from hen house to toilet: 1 and 1/3 mile (round trip)

    Extra walking when you get off at the wrong bus stop because you feel like it will be a shorter way home: 1.75 miles (one way, obviously)  

  2. # Blogger Bianca

    I'm down.

    Pick me! Pick me!  

  3. # Anonymous ln

    That sounds wonderful! And healthy! What a great husband and man you are to walk Jeni to the bus so she can play with dead hens. Yay Matt!  

  4. # Blogger Jenevieve

    LN- I know!!!!
    the only thing that got me to leave most mornings was a nice morning stroll with my husband. :)  

  5. # Anonymous ln

    So, the other day I decided "The sun is out and I hate coats so I'm not going to wear one." This is also the same day that I decided "I can walk from TJMax to Borders. It's not very far." I didn't take into acount the wind chill, the actual distance or the snow prediction. I froze. And then thought of you walking all over in Scotland and my opinion of you (already of note) raised significantly. Happy walking!  

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