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Midnight Snacking-Weirdness Ahead

Man, it doesn't happen often that I just can't sleep, but it's happening tonight. I can't really complain, I know why I can't sleep and I really brought it upon myself. First of all, Jeni's been feeling poorly, both physically and emotionally, from being pregnant. Out of frustration with the havoc Nessie has wreaked on her digestive system, Jeni laid down for a nap. I came into the room about half an hour later but she'd been unable to fall asleep. I climbed into bed and gave her a snuggle, then we spent the next two hours sleeping on and off. As the sun was setting we convinced ourselves to get up and I made pancakes for dinner. Unfortunately, they excused themselves from Jeni's system rather abruptly only a short time later. Jeni asked me to make some tea to settle her stomach. I made a mug for her, and a mug for me. I finished mine, but she only made it a few sips into hers, so I finished it for her. So taking all that into account I think it's obvious why I'm blogging now instead of sleeping.

Oh, yeah, about the titular midnight snaking and weirdness. I guess the pancakes for dinner didn't hit the spot as well as they could have, because I went to bed feeling hungry. Before we fell asleep, Jeni started talking about food, about the food she wants to get tomorrow at Costco, about the food she wants to eat in the States, and so on. I told her I was hungry and she advised me to just get to sleep so I won't be hungry anymore. (Food or sleep, the classic Andrew Seely dilemma.) Over the next half hour I realized that I wasn't really that tired at all. Then it started, slowly at first but with increasing regularity and vividness. I started having the most realistic and intense food fantasies as I lay there awake. Baked salmon. Bagels with cream cheese. I know I wasn't dreaming because as the sensations got more intense I got wider and wider awake. That's how I ended up here, at 2 in the morning, eating peanut butter on crackers and drinking chamomile tea, trying to satisfy my stomach long enough to get to sleep.

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  1. # Blogger Andrew Seely

    The dilemma that I've had FAR TOO OFTEN.

    I like when food wins and I have a bowl of top ramen when I'm really tired and half asleep trying to eat really hot food as fast as possible so that I can get to sleep.

    Not a good combo, let me just say that. Maybe I should stick to the PB and J route.  

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