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Why Theology?

Why do we do theology? As Christians, whether in universities or informal Bible studies, we always seem to be studying and doing theology in one way or another. The question on my mind today is simply, why? And to follow up, are there different reasons for academics and for lay people to do theology? I figure it's not so we know the right thing to believe so we can be saved, since we are saved not by what we believe but who we believe in. So if that's not the reason then why? Or, if that is the reason, why am I wrong? Any ideas?

2 Responses to “Why Theology?”

  1. # Blogger Miranda

    I'm with Adam on this one. The purpose of theology is to worship God better. So we can understand better who we worship and why.  

  2. # Blogger Pappy McVulgar

    Yes, faith seeking understanding leads to transformation of ones heart, mind, and will. Theology is the format to which transformation is sought. Theology can arrive in many ways. That is the beauty of God...God manefests to all in the manner one needs the most.  

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