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Hey blogger! Long time, no, um, blogger. My blogging energies as of late have been directed primarily at Horace and Friends, which celebrated its fourth installment on Friday, and at the Price family Christmas letter, coming soon to a mailbox near you! I'll post a copy here closer to Christmas, so if you're not lucky enough to be on our somewhat limited mailing list, you can still get in on the action. Also, Horace and Friends is great because I get to write poems about slaughterhouses, which is something I could not do otherwise. (Actually, AJ just pointed out on the phone that I certainly could do them otherwise, I just wouldn't have a forum for 'em.)

Earlier today I was complaining that I don't really like the only herbal tea we have. I got as far as saying, "It isn't really my..." before I tied my toungue looking for a phrase and then realized that that phrase was indeed "cup of tea." But in reality, of course, it was.

Anywho, we got our first round of Christmas gifts a few days ago from Jeni's parents. They got us some great swag, including a new computer monitor, sweaters (I love sweaters) and most importantly, a puzzle for each of us! Jeni got a horse puzzle, I got:

Freedom Eagles!!!!!!!!!!

Aside from the awesomeness of freedom eagles, the puzzle also features "hidden images," which "enhance the visual appeal of each piece." The great artistic masters throughout the centuries have all used the hidden images technique. It is highly respected in the legitimate art world. However, I must say that much of the joy of the hidden images is diminished by the packaging of the puzzle. Note:

Oh, by the way, it's glow in the dark, too. That is also awesome. Note however that the glow in the dark picture gives away the location of all 13 hidden eagles. I'd've had a hard time finding the one who is just an outline formed by twigs, but now the thrill of the hunt is gone.

But seriously, it's still all good. I do loves me some freedom.

4 Responses to “Freedom!!!”

  1. # Blogger Matt

    I really wanted to work a "Here's Waldo" joke into this post, but just couldn't figure out a way to do it slickly.  

  2. # Anonymous Jeni


  3. # Blogger Andrew James

    In fact herbal tea is no one's cup of tea. They are infusions. Tea is the infusion of the plant Camellia sinensis,. All herbal "teas" are imposters.  

  4. # Blogger Mariquita

    When I come and visit, can we put the eagle puzzle together? I'll bring some tea! Er... infusions!  

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