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You know what's great about double stuff oreos?

They've got twice the stuff in them. Come on people, this isn't rocket science here.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." In 9th grade I read that entire book and didn't remember a word of it the instant I finished the last page. Well, that's not entirely true, I remember the word 'emmigrant' appeared appeared more times in that book than it had anywhere else in my life up to that point. Time warp to a few years earlier and a much more plesant Dickens memory (is there such a thing) when in Jr. High I made Oliver Twist trading cards for an english project. But why the heck am I writing about Dickens and High school, both Jr. and Sr.? Aren't I supposed to be reliving elementary school memories now?

Ok, I think I'm trying to put this off. My new approach to blogging is much more stream of consiousness oriented than my last with the intent of using this space to deal with memories and kind of put my life in order. That said, I'm kind of working without a net and I think I may have just remembered myself into a corner. Let me explain...

My last years of elementary school were some of my best and my worst like I said before, but upon thinking of that time in my life a little more I have realized that there was more going on then than I had first thought. I was going to write something about discovering girls for the first time and repeating 4th grade, which made me the butt of many flunkie jokes, and tie it all in to the overarching narrative of the story so far: my epic quest for coolness. However, while those things were important and I think I'll write about them someday, they were not the biggest thing happening in my life then.

I can't deal with elementary school right now. I can't face my mom's sickness and eventual death which defined this part of my life for me. The main reason I can't face it is because I haven't really thought about it, or her, at all since then. I followed my dad's lead and closed the door on that part of my life immediately after she died. I can't deal with that right now, it's too big. I need to work my way back to it. I didn't realize that I would come across something like this right away. The reason I'd started blogging again was to kind of have fun dragging up old goofy memories and laughing about them. I'll get to this later, we'll take a detour til then. Maybe next time I'll tell you about the Elephants of Literature. Seems appropriate since we pulled out some english class memories this time. Well, til next time,

Why did Charles Dickens cross the road? (You know the answer? I'll give you a double stuff oreo if you do.)


Don't worry, we'll get back to the old school memories soon, but I wanted to share this today. Jeni and I just got the capability to actually send the stupid little pictures that our phones take (often without any input from us) so I wanted to share this pic with y'all:

I don't think I'll even add any commentary. Maybe at some point in the future I'll come up with some sort of "Which Multicultural Emergency Rescue Squad Puppet are you?" quiz. That is all, you may now go back to your lives til tomorrow.

Time Warp

No, no, no, that's not how it happened at all! Well, except for the fact that that is how most of it happened. The one half-truth in my last post was that I had developed the skill of squid drawing after thinking up the "LOVE YOUR SQUID" slogan. Actually, I had been able to draw squids, as well as all other sorts of sea life, years before that event.

I'm sorry for misleading you.

In 5th grade, I htink in 1991, we read 20, 000, or is it 40,000? anyway, a lot of thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Julio Verde. As you could imagine, squid drawing was a remarkably usefull skill to have at this time in my life. 5th grade was really cool. We had a huge saltwater aquarium in our classroom and we got to dissect real squids!!! Ok, it wasn't really a scientific science-style dissection seeing as the only instruments we had to work with were those blunt point 3 inch long grade school scissors (which cut squid remarkably well) but it was still a really cool thing to do in 5th grade. Our teacher probably bought those squids with his own money, which isn't a big deal in itself I think those things only cost like a buck a piece, but the fact that he was willing to go out of his way to do that for a class of L.A. public school kids was really cool.

Sometimes I look back on those last years of elementary school as the high point of my life, other times I look back on them as my lowest. But I can't go into that now, I need something to write about tomorrow.


Time: circa 1996. Characters: just me. Possible explanations: paint fumes, maybe?

Ok, so I'm sitting alone in my room staring at my black, at that point blank, guitar case. What could make me cool... perhaps if I had something awesome written on that case. I open a jar of gold model paint and begin to think of what that something awesome might be. Still thinking...

Still thinking...

Still......breathing...paint fumes...

Of course, how could I not see that awesomness before?!? "LOVE YOUR SQUID" in big bold letters on my guitar case. This is sure to make me cool! So there it was soon enough, "LOVE YOUR SQUID." Was it a declaration? A request? A call to action? He can't actually mean, like, squids, can he? I don't even have a squid?

"Squid" eventually became me, I guess, and soon enough when people saw me even without my guitar I was greeted with "I love my squid, Matt Price!" Hmm.....

"LOVE YOUR SQUID" rubbed off the guitar case in due time, model paint not being particilarly suited for use on black tolex, but by that point I had learned how to draw a respectable squid, so on it went, my life size drawing of a miniature giant squid.

Wait, was that actually how it happened......?

Lover Boy What Now?

Zero, I think it was. It's a hotmail address that's now gathering dust, a moniker left over from a time when I thought ,"Man, maybe I could be cool." Loverboyzero. I still think it's kind of cool actually. Maybe I could get that silkscreened on a black shirt and pretend like it's a band I'm in. Bands are cool. I'd have to mess with the capitalization, though. Thinking up a cool set of words isn't enough to be cool anymore like it used to be, now you have to tweak it a little. I'm not adding any random meaningless numbers after it though, I don't want to be that kind of cool.


Yeah, that'd look tight on a black shirt.

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