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Time Warp

No, no, no, that's not how it happened at all! Well, except for the fact that that is how most of it happened. The one half-truth in my last post was that I had developed the skill of squid drawing after thinking up the "LOVE YOUR SQUID" slogan. Actually, I had been able to draw squids, as well as all other sorts of sea life, years before that event.

I'm sorry for misleading you.

In 5th grade, I htink in 1991, we read 20, 000, or is it 40,000? anyway, a lot of thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Julio Verde. As you could imagine, squid drawing was a remarkably usefull skill to have at this time in my life. 5th grade was really cool. We had a huge saltwater aquarium in our classroom and we got to dissect real squids!!! Ok, it wasn't really a scientific science-style dissection seeing as the only instruments we had to work with were those blunt point 3 inch long grade school scissors (which cut squid remarkably well) but it was still a really cool thing to do in 5th grade. Our teacher probably bought those squids with his own money, which isn't a big deal in itself I think those things only cost like a buck a piece, but the fact that he was willing to go out of his way to do that for a class of L.A. public school kids was really cool.

Sometimes I look back on those last years of elementary school as the high point of my life, other times I look back on them as my lowest. But I can't go into that now, I need something to write about tomorrow.

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