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Time: circa 1996. Characters: just me. Possible explanations: paint fumes, maybe?

Ok, so I'm sitting alone in my room staring at my black, at that point blank, guitar case. What could make me cool... perhaps if I had something awesome written on that case. I open a jar of gold model paint and begin to think of what that something awesome might be. Still thinking...

Still thinking...

Still......breathing...paint fumes...

Of course, how could I not see that awesomness before?!? "LOVE YOUR SQUID" in big bold letters on my guitar case. This is sure to make me cool! So there it was soon enough, "LOVE YOUR SQUID." Was it a declaration? A request? A call to action? He can't actually mean, like, squids, can he? I don't even have a squid?

"Squid" eventually became me, I guess, and soon enough when people saw me even without my guitar I was greeted with "I love my squid, Matt Price!" Hmm.....

"LOVE YOUR SQUID" rubbed off the guitar case in due time, model paint not being particilarly suited for use on black tolex, but by that point I had learned how to draw a respectable squid, so on it went, my life size drawing of a miniature giant squid.

Wait, was that actually how it happened......?

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