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New Intar-Web Adventures!

You need to check out It is a new comic venture by myself and my lovely wife. Jeni's doing the drawing and I'm doing the writing. The trick is that Jeni draws the comic first and then I think up dialogue to fit her pictures. Hopefully it will be awesome!

As Promised

I have more food-is-weird-in-Scotland related stuff which was going to go along with this picture, but I've decided to post it on The Scot Vet since I haven't really been pulling my weight over there.

On another note, nothing makes me sadder than to see a playground in the park, upon which children were playing just yesterday, getting torn down today.

A Mysterious Package-Part 3

It came! It finally came! At this point, it should be obvious that this post was part one of the Mysterious Package Series.

To be fair, I did not order Barth's Roman's commentary, it was my Dad's copy and has been sitting on my bedside table for weeks. That was what actually made's suggestion funny to me in the first place.

While across the pond it may be Wii-Day, it's DS-day over here. My mysterious package (actually ordered from, not amazon) contained a Nintendo DS along with Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Nintendo is really trying to open up a new market of casual gamers composed of people who have never played video games before, or who used to but don't anymore. To appeal to the second group, the one I am a part of, they have been cashing in on the appeal of their retro games. Their nostalgia strategy worked on me. New Super Mario Bros. plays a whole lot like the old school NES classic but it is not simply old material rehashed. The mix of old and new seems just about perfect.

Although hesitant at first, Jeni is getting in on the fun, too. One thing that makes the DS different from other game consoles is that it has two screens, one of which is touch sensitive. New Mario Bros. has a collection of mini-games which use the touch screen for things like shooting slingshots, rolling up snowballs, playing poker and of course, whack-a-mole. It's been fun to sit together and pass the DS back and forth playing these short minute or so long games.

Long story short: New toy, lots of fun.

Next time on Matt's Blog: Mexican Style Cowboy Beans!

A Mysterious Package-Part 2

My mysterious package has experienced a mysterious status:

Sometimes I just wonder about the people who choose the wordings for these things. "Experienced an exception?" That sort or cryptic mumbo-jumbo is the last thing I want to see when I'm obsessing enough about my mysterious package to bother checking the tracking website. Turns out in this case that "exception" just meant a bad weather delay. Why didn't hey just say "Weather Delay" then? Ok, my generally pointless rant is over.

By the way, if you happen to know what's in my mysterious package, don't give it away. I'm building up to a lame joke, here. Also, wondering what happened to part one? That's part of the mystery! Come back for part three to find out!

Ask and Ye Shall Get It

It's Time for a Brand New Drew!

Drew, whom we all know and love, has had the same blog theme and template for way too freakin' long, i.e.: FOREVER. It is time for this situation to be remedied. Since it seems unlikely that Drew will decide to change on his own, I feel it is the responsibility of the community to facilitate this change. Here are a few of my own ideas of possible new faces for Drew's blog.

First, perhaps a blog theme in homage to Drew's favorite (only?) food:

Or perhaps the food that most accurately reflects his ethnic identity:

Or, since I know that Drew is, and enjoys being, a serious guy, how about a more serious take on the same theme:

Or a tribute to Drew's favorite British beverage:

I whipped all these up real quick, just trying to think of themes that would reflect Drew's character, and didn't realize until now that everything I thought up was food related.

Do you, reader's of Drew's blog, have any great ideas of your own for his new blog theme? If so, stick them in the comments, or post your ideas on your own blog. If you do, please put a link to your idea in the comments here so we can all check it out.

Today is a great day. Today is the first step towards a new and awesomer Do your part. Make a difference. Today.

Hello Everybody

The title of today's post is a tribute to the friendly graffiti which recently got washed off by guys from the city with a pressure washer. The left the swastika on our stairs, though.

So, you may have noticed the lack of posts of substance recently. I won't deny that this has been the case. There is a reason of substance for my current state of blog-standoffishness, several actually, but today's not the day to reveal them. Instead, links!

Recently I've developed a mild addiction to web-comics. It seems that there's a lot of trash out there, but there's some good stuff, too. One consistently good comic is Overcompensating by Jeffery Rowland, which he bills as "a 100% real journal comic about things that actually happen." In actuality the comic is a potpourri of fictional and true stories, and the juxtaposition make both fact and fantasy seem even more outlandish than they would on their own. Anyway, the first link here is to my absolute favorite strip, and the next four links are to good strips from the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Corn Dogs

Doctor Monkey Goes to Whole Foods

Secret Perverts

Freedom Hole

Five Years

The Kind of Nerd I Am knows:

Things I Like about Linux

1. It runs much of the interwebs
2. I never have to use it
3. This commercial:

(Note: It is worth taking your time to watch this minute and a half long commercial only if you have personally or are intimately knowledgeable of the Price sense of humor. Consider this a test!)

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