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A Quick Post!

Here's a quick post, since I haven't gotten around to posting in a while.

No baby yet, but that's not for a lack of...erm...waiting. We have an appointment at the New Royal Infirmiry tomorrow morning. They're seeing Jeni once a week now until she has the kiddo. The due date, by the way, is September 8.

Instead of having a baby, we've been playing our new game Battlelore, which is pretty awesome. It's pretty different than any of our other games (Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Scrabble, Mille Bornes, Fluxx, Rummikub) in that it's a pretty in depth two player game. It's basically medieval armies with dwarves and goblins (200 or so little plastic guys!) and magicians and the like. The board is a battlefield divided into three segments, center, right, and left. You hold a hand of cards which give you the ability to play certain numbers of units on the different parts of the battlefield, or to do things like command all units of a certain type, or such. You only hold a few of these cards at any given time, so your options are usually limited. You may really want to do something over on the right side of the board, but your cards might not let you. I know from reading reviews of the game online that this kind of limiting system really irks some people, but I like it. It keeps the game interesting and provides you with the challenge of how to do the best with what you have. Anyway, it's a cool game. We're about halfway through the ten tutorial battle senarios included with the game, and we're loving it so far.

Speaking of games, I think I may need to get this one for AJ. Click on the link, it's worth it.

I started using Opera recently as my web browser because it does a lot of things better than Safari. I discovered halfway through this post that it does not, however, do well with Blogger. I switched over to Safari to finish up.

I'm still thinking about the new blog name/layout/web address. So far I love the idea of the jaguar pouncing on links, and honestly that idea was so awesome that I pretty much forgot all the other things you guys suggested. Perhaps you could come up with new, even awesomer ideas to blow the jaguars out of the water? I'm waiting...

Also the other awesome thing happening is that for about the last two months or so Jeni and I have been hosting a weekly worship night at our flat. I'l probably write more about it some time later, I just wanted to mention it now because it's one of the coolest things currently going on in our lives.

That's it! I'm asleep!

2 Responses to “A Quick Post!”

  1. # Anonymous ln

    Are you sure that board game is safe? I'm worried about AJ's extremities! They look like they mean business.  

  2. # Blogger Chris Ing

    I used Opera at work for a while. My work Mac is the best testing Mac for speed because the dang thing is so old (466 MHz! Still runs Adobe CS2. Thing is a workhorse). Anyway, I ended up trashing it just because it was too incompatible on the sites I used most (Blogger being a biggie) and I didn't like the search bar. It also seemed slower than Firefox, so I switched back.

    You should try out Camino, if you're testing new browsers. It's from Mozilla, but it's much more Safari-like, and it runs pretty quick.

    Anyway, I choose to recite a list:

    Mattbook Pro
    Matt-ster and Commander
    Heim-matt Maneuver

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