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I'm Done!

With the first draft, anyway. I know, I know, I should be finished with my first draft a little earlier than two days before the paper is due. Well, to prove that I've finally gotten through, here's my concluding paragraph:

Mauro Giuliani was an important figure in the development of the guitar as a serious instrument. While there is no direct evidence to support the myth of his friendship with Beethoven, there is ample evidence establishing Giuliani as a prominent virtuoso in Vienna in the early 1800s. Above and beyond any reputation earned by association with other musicians, the greatest testament to Giuliani’s relevance as a guitarist and composer is the legacy of great music he left behind. The guitar still struggles for relevance today, and that relevance will not be found in myths associating the guitar with iconic musical figures such as Beethoven, but in the virtues of well crafted music for the guitar such as that of Mauro Giuliani.

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