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I choose...

...not to do a serious post. I'm thinking about some serious stuff, but instead I'll follow the current trend and offer some recent quotes.

My music history teacher on Mendelssohn:
"He got people know...jacked up about Bach in the 1800's."

My guitar teacher on Rodrigo's "Danza de las Hachas":
"Yeah, don't be afraid to get into it, this guy's a hacha, whatever that means..."
(As best I can tell, a hacha is either an axe or a candle.)

Forrest Baird, philosophy professor extrordinaire, on fog machines?
"I got this fog machine and tried it in my garage, it works great! But it left a film on everything..."

Forrest again, this time on pottery:
"It's an ashtray, ok. Shut up."

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