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A Good Manhattan is Also a Thrill Ride

Well, The last ten posts or so have all been pretty serious. First there was the Whitworth poster thing, then the real world dilemma and then the election. Oh, yeah, there was that pickup truck with the toilet guy on it and the Kerry-Got-Rocked Dragon, too. I figure it's about time to post about absolutely nothing at all.

I don't usually do "list of everything that happened in my day" posts, but I think I'll give it a try. If nothing else maybe reading about my day will make you feel better about yours. Nothing bad happened today though, I don't want you to think that, it was just kind of a boring, run of the mill day.

Jeni had to get up early this morning to go do an improv show at the Whitworth for a bunch of elementary school aged kids. Saturday morning before we get out of bed is just about the only time Jeni and I get to have just for each other. You might think I was sad about having her gone this morning, but I figured out a way around it: I just slept in till she got back! When she got back Jeni crawled under the covers with me and all was once again right with the world.

After a little quality time with the missus it was time for me to go to my guitar ensemble meeting. This semester I am playing guitar duets with another student here at Whitworth and getting ensemble credits for it. We're playing a few Renaissance pieces, mainly stuff out of the Jane Pickering Lutebook. Renaissance music is really cool. It's so different from anything Baroque, or especially Viennese classical, and after. It almost feels like you're playing music from some other world. Anywho, today was the first day that these pieces where actually coming together and starting to sound like music. That's nice, since we perform at the end of this month.

Well, I was now stranded at school because Jeni had taken the car to go castrate a horse so I got started on my reading for my Music History research paper. I am writing about Mauro Giuliani, one of the heavy hitters of guitar in the Viennese classical era. I'm still having trouble nailing down an exact topic, let alone a thesis, but I think I'm going to do something comparing and contrasting his use of the sonata allegro form on guitar from different parts of his life. Here's a handy little tip just in case you want to become a music major: the answer's probably "sonata allegro." Or "augmented sixth." (Of course the next question would be: is it an Italian, French, or German augmented sixth? Of the three it would probably be the German. The German augmented sixth is the coolest one because it's enharmonically equivalent to a dominant seventh chord. Blah, blah, blah...)

After reading about Giuliani for a while I decided I'd rather be playing music than reading about it, so I went over to the music building and dusted off Giuliani's Op. 15 sonata. This was the first substantial piece I cut my teeth on in my studies but I haven't played it in a while. I was surprised by how much of it I remember and how much easier it was this time around. I guess that's a good thing, seeing how I'm shelling out cold hard cash to learn to play the guitar better.

At about 4:30, Jeni got back from the castration (which they actually couldn't do because one testicle was still undescended) and we went to Costco. This was a good thing for us to do because we needed food. (duh) We also bought paper towels and toilet paper. It's amazing how your perception of size changes when you go into Costco. "That's the largest pack of toilet paper they have? Well, I guess we'll get it, but it doesn't seem like a much better deal than at Safeway." Of course, when we got home the aforementioned package of toilet paper barely fit into our bathroom and when unpacked more than filled our storage space allotted for TP. So, if you've got to crap... I think we may have bought the special 'econo-prankster size' promotional pack they had left over from Halloween. Of course I topped off the Costco experience with a $1.50 polish dog and drink, the best meal money can buy!

We got home and I realized-Crap!-I'd forgotten to buy soap. Ok, I know this doesn't seem like that big a deal, but I've been out of soap for weeks and have been meaning to buy more. Of course, the only time you remember you're out of soap is when you get into the shower and-Crap!- realize that you have to use Jeni's 'fuzzy peach' bodywash again. So I went to Target and bumped into some friends from school while I was there and explained to them the whole soap fiasco that I just explained to you, cause I'm that kind of person, and bought some soap. I bought Dove, which is the most expensive soap there is but Jeni says it will be better for me than the stuff I usually buy. Buying the most expensive soap was no easy task, I was raised to buy cheap at all costs and the 96 pack of Zest was on sale for $5. (Ok, it was more like the 14 pack.) I also bought hardware to hang a poster on our bathroom wall. Hardware...? Listen, it's a serious poster and I like to do things right.

I got home, put up the poster and cut my hair. I've been cutting my own hair for a long time and now when ever I get a haircut, no matter how good it is, I always feel ripped off. So I cut the old hair and trimmed the old beard. Oh, yeah, many of you probably aren't familiar with the beard. Before Jeni and I got married I decided that I wouldn't shave for about a month before the wedding to grow a really nasty looking beard to freak out Jeni's family ("He's going to look like that for the wedding?") Unfortunately, the beard actually ended up looking kind of good which ruined the joke. Well, I shaved the beard off for the wedding but grew it back again once I got up to school. Everyone says it looks pretty good and I like it, too. I don't think it really makes me look any older, I think it just makes me look less like a goofy little kid, and more like a goofy little kid with a beard.

So, by this point I'd spent most of the day. I made a bowl of Italian wedding soup for a late second dinner and then mixed myself up a Manhattan since I haven't had one in a while. Now I'm blogging and drinking my Manhattan. A good Manhattan is also a thrill ride. Well, this one isn't great, but it is big, which makes up for it in the end. Now I'm gonna finish this guy off and head off to bed. Goodnight.

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