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Confessions part 2

Here's the first update of what I'm sure will be several on my Confessions of an Undecided Voter post. I stated in that post that I was personally against abortion but didn't know if that was my political stance as well. I'm still against abortion, I think its one of the worst things ever to be introduced into our society. Under the guise of "choice" we have made available a procedure that removes responsibility from the men who get women pregnant, causes all sorts of health problems for women including drastic increases in breast cancer and causes incredible feelings of regret, loss and self-hatred in many women who choose to abort their child. How can anyone think this is good for women!?!? In my eyes, abortion hurts the feminist cause rather than strengthens it. You can see the evil of abortion without even touching on the moral issue of killing an unborn child. But should we make abortion illegal? Unfortunately, abortion and the "right" to have an abortion has become so ingrained in America that not even prohibition would be able to stop people from seeking abortions. As my brother and Jeni pointed out to me, if you make abortion illegal you would probably have the almost the same number of aborted kids but way more dead women who would be forced to have illegal underground abortions. Do I like abortion? No. Do I think we should make it illegal? No. I hate to say it, because it always seems like a cop-out answer to me when applied to things like illegal drugs, but this is one of those situations where we need to raise awareness of the truth of abortion. Too many women think abortion is a quick fix with no lasting side effects. I thought this until I had exposure to "The sex lady"(old school 1st Pres people help me out here with her real name) in high-school and especially once in college who told us her own experiences with abortion and venereal disease. Anywho...

I don't like abortion, but don't outlaw it. Educate people so they know the truth about abortion and I believe it will become much less popular when seen for what it really is.

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