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Final Confession Part 2

Boy, this is getting ridiculous! I promise I'm about to drop the Confession thing, but I just wanted to follow up on a recent post. Today I sent this letter to the Whitworthian, Whitworth's student newspaper:

Dear fellow Whitworth students,
We have just re-elected President Bush who led us into pre-emptive war against Iraq. While we do not know for sure what the next term will bring, the President has made it known that he feels pre-emptive war against nations which may pose a threat to the USA may play a part in the war on terror. This year the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (which Whitworth is affiliated with) released a report titled “Iraq: Our Responsibility and the Future.” The report “condemns the U.S. policy of pre-emptive military action against nations perceived as a threat to the United States as ethically indefensible and contrary to the “just war” theory that has been the basis of much Christian theology on warfare” ( I would like to urge the students of Whitworth College to consider carefully and pray about the President’s policy of pre-emptive war. If you find yourself convicted on this issue, write to the President at The White House / 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW / Washington, DC 20500, or call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111. Whether we voted for President Bush or not, it is our responsibility as American citizens and as Christians to make our voice heard in Washington.
Matthew Price
Music Major

Just wanted to keep you all up to speed. Thanks to my brother for posting the General Assembly article on his blog a while ago.

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