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Broken Churches Part 2

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I think there are plenty of completely opposing positions held by Christians today. One church may choose to focus on Christ's nature as he walked on this earth teaching and acting for our salvation. Another church may focus on Christ sitting at the right hand of God or coming again in judgement. Both of these views are legitimate; the danger comes only when you completely reject one for the other.

On many doctrinal issues I think the split is more apparent but the consequence less severe. Take the issue of infant vs. adult (or believer) baptism for example. There are plenty of people who stand on each side condemning the other's opinion. However, I don't believe God is going to let this human arguement keep anyone out of the kingdom.

I think there is a time and a place to take a stand against beliefs or practices that go against God's will, but you must always be careful not to condemn and to truly be open to God's will. It is only for God to condemn and who knows, maybe that person you're looking down on actually has a better idea of God's will than you do.

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