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Ramus of Mandible

One of Jeni's big projects for the semester has been putting together a lab book, which includes various labeled photos such as the one above. (MUCH GRODIER photos available on request.) We realized today after I had some of the photos printed at ASDA, the UK Walmart, that the photos ended up at a really low resolution and didn't look too great. Jeni had developed a technique for producing these that involved starting in iPhoto, moving on to Microsoft Word, taking a screen capture, pasting the capture into Pages, slaying a goat by the light of the full moon, etc. She asked me to see if I could come up with an easier way to do these that would also keep them at high res. I worked out a method in Pages by making this image:

It's always a party at the Price's!

(And no, that is not a misprint, we always refer to our family in the singular. We are the Price, resistance is futile.)

4 Responses to “Ramus of Mandible”

  1. # Blogger Jenevieve

    We should really name our firstborn son Ramus of Manible.  

  2. # Blogger Pappy McVulgar

    I want a photo like the one of Matt broken down in the manner you have. That is freakin' cool. I am considering adopting the Price. Is there an application? I await my EmoHorse shirt...  

  3. # Blogger Mary

    Making me jealous of your cooking is always welcome. Although it may make me dash over the pond and insist you make me some.

    And that photo is really really funny.  

  4. # Anonymous ln

    I think the Price is right. hehe:)  

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