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Well, it's come to my attention that some of you might not be happy if this were to turn entirely into a mediocre food blog. So, how about a mediocre knitting blog? Knitting? What the crap?

Above you see a picture of my first 'real' knitting project in its infancy. Before then I had made several squares getting used to knitting and purling and trying out different techniques like ribbing and seed stitching.

Wait...Knitting? Once again, what the crap?

While some people, especially with a baby on the way, would choose for their first project to be something like a baby blanket, small and manageable, I decided on something more suiting my skill and ambitions. Some might call what I decided to make a washcloth; I have taken a more pragmatic approach and called it a spit rag. My spit rag ended up about 9"x9", worked in stockinette with a seed stitch border.

What. The. Crap. ?.

So, I don't think this post will contain any information answering the question, what the crap? Instead I will close by simply saying that I am trying not to despise knitting with the fire of a thousand yellow yarn-ball suns, though I feel close to that point. However, I cannot stop. I have found myself compelled by the desire to complete just one more row, though when it's complete it seems that I have gained nothing for my efforts. Add to that the fact that anything I make will likely be of lower quality and greater cost than its commercial counterpoint, and knitting becomes an exercise in despair.

And here I am with one completed spit rag and half a baby hat.

What the crap?

4 Responses to “Knitting?”

  1. # Blogger Bianca

    um, I just almost peed my pants.  

  2. # Blogger Mariquita

    I think you're great. Wanna knit me a sweater? I like blue.  

  3. # Blogger Miranda

    but with your nimble guitar string plucking fingers you were made for such a skill as this! (but if you refuse to take up the knitting needles, do not doubt that the Lord will raise up another - name that biblical character allusion!). I've been in seminary too long.
    The first (of 2) blankets I crocheted was pretty bad. It lives on a horse ranch in WA now, I think :)  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Yay for knitting! It's great fun, though somewhat addicting. Your project looks really good for a first attempt!

    And by the way, the blanket is NOT at a horse ranch. :)


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