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Kind of a Downer

Man, guys. I'm not really doing so hot here right now. I feel like I've been a serious jerk to everyone I've come in contact with for the last few days. I feel like I'm being a real bad husband and that I don't understand the concerns of my wife. Life feels hard in Scotland right now. I long for what I claim to hate, things like tract housing and national chain retailers. I don't really know what's going on, hopefully I'll be ok and keep functioning as a person. Part of me sort of doubts that I'll be able to do that much longer. I feel like I'm coming apart.

In the meantime, here's some music I've been working on recently. I know that it seems sort of weird to make a statement such as the one in the previous paragraph only to follow it up with something as mundane as "Here's a song I recorded," but such is life. It might also seem weird that I'm feeling like that and simultaneously writing worship songs, but once again such is life. I think part of why I'm feeling this way is because we have yet to find a church to make our home, and that fact is really taking its toll on me. I'm trying to write worship songs specifically because we haven't gotten into a congregation. I want to be able to use my musical talent for praise even if I'm not in a praise band or anything else like that. I'm looking forward to singing with the Nessie once he or she is here.

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  1. # Blogger Miranda

    Matt, I hope your visit in CA is refreshing. When I hated it here and then visited Spokane it was not only wonderful to see friends, but I also came back with new motivation to invest in finding a good community here. I really hope you find a church soon. I'd say pick a place and plant yourselves there no matter what (unless their theology is beyond wretched.) See you soon! :)  

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