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A Few More Churchy Thoughts

The style of worship here in Scotland is generally different than in the states. Now, to explain that fully is a longer post than I have time to write right now. I would also need to do it before two beers instead of after. (I was talking theology with Rob during the consumption of said beers so, you know, iz all good.) I will say that the difference is not in musical style, although most of the contemporary serivices we've been to here seem to be about 10 years behind the general state of contemporary worship in the churches I know in the states, but is rather in the emphasis of the service. Services here seem to be generaly more focused on what we do for God, rather than what God does with us in our midst. As I described it to Rob tonight, it's kind of like over here there are the people in the congregation, and then there's the roof of the church, and then there's God up above somewhere, but the roof of the church never comes off so the two can meet. Hopefully that makes sense.

To respond again Miranda, I think she's right on in valuing the emphases in theology and liturgy in one denomination over the other. For me, I add the cultural context. I told Rob tonight that I doubt if I would be considering a future in a leadership position in the PCUSA if I hadn't grown up in that context. The denomination has some sort of weird stuff going on right now that I think might dissuade someone who grew up in a different Reformed denominaiton from getting involved in leadership there. However, I feel like Presbyterians are my peeps, like I know some of the history and some of the concerns, like I speak the language just from growing up in that context. Hence, I think I may have something to offer there, plus I want to do justice to my own spiritual heritage. Doing justice to my spiritual heritage is of course also a reason why I want to take advantage of this chance to be involved in the Church of Scotland.

Man, I'm all fired up. I really hope things work out at this church, or that they can point me at another congregation which could make use of me. I really want to be back in the body. I really want to make a home for these next 3 years in Scotland.

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