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A Long Day and a Late Night

The post I put up yesterday about Rollins' How (Not) to Speak of God was the first part of several pages I wrote in a Borders in Santa Monica after finishing the book. (You all know we're in L.A. for a month on holiday, right?) My original plan was to just post that document in several chunks, but I've decided to take a little while to expand on it and address whatever comes up in conversation through the comments. I want to talk about the idea of Christianity being a journey that ln focused in on. I think that's a good point to start from to see how my point of view differs from Rollins'. I believe in the journey idea but in a different sort of way. In any event, the earliest you'll get that post will be tomorrow night after the baby shower that Jeni's mom is throwing for us. I hear there's a cake the shape of the Loch Ness Monster and roughly the size of an aircraft carrier. It should be a good time. Well, I'm off to bed to get up early to make sausage rolls for the party. Good night!

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