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The End of the Summer

The end of the summer has an odd effect, or at least it has on me. I feel compelled to simultaneously get as much done as I can in order to be prepared for the start of the school year as well as to make up for all the slacking off I didn't do during the summer. This summer was not as busy for me as previous ones, there was no house to sell, no summer job, no real college prep, but I still kept myself pretty busy. I continued playing at the church and also provided music for two weddings over the summer. The weddings were nice because they forced me to keep my guitar skills up over the summer, a time when many college music students slack off on practice. But now, at the end of the summer, I have realized that I spent a lot of time preparing for the weddings but less time working on my musical goals for this next school year. I got done with the weddings was last weekend, so since then there's been a whole lot of Bach going on. My summer goals were to have playable Bach's third cello suite in its entirety and Giuliani's Grand Overture. I'll meet the Bach goal by the skin of my teeth. The Giuliani will take me a little longer.

So that fulfills the compulsive need to be busy, and you can probably imagine how I've been fulfilling the compulsive need to slack off. I'll give you a hint:

When you print this be sure to set Paint to scale the image to fit on one page or else you might get Steggy split down the middle and on two pages.

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