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Hola to everyone from Montana! Jeni and I left Spokane a few days ago to come out for a wedding where she will be a bridesmaid (bride's maid?) (brides' made?) (bri desma' de?) and I will be providing the music. Right now I'm posting from a little side trip to visit my friend Seth up near Flathead lake. We did a little geocaching, so look for a new post over there as soon as I'm back in Spokane to upload the pics.

Oh yeah, and Jeni and I are fast approaching our one-year anniversary this Sunday. Crazy for being married!!!

3 Responses to “MT!!!”

  1. # Blogger Amy Souza

    ONE YEAR!!!

    yaka doo!!!  

  2. # Anonymous Seth

    Hey Matt it was great to have you stop by for a couple of days. Thanks for the geocahing trip!  

  3. # Blogger Andrew Seely

    It's sunday now, so I get to say...


    I've been so blessed by you two over the years, I can't express my happiness for you both.


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