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The Best Thing to Happen, Ever

No, seriously. Ever. I've started writing my own comic, POST. It's a really stupid thing, maybe, but I can't really express how excited I am about this. I think you should all go to right now to check it out. I'll warn you, it's not your standard comic. However for those of you who know me pretty well, I think that it's exactly the kind of thing you'd expect from me. So go check out POST. I'm really excited, I hope some of you guys like it. Oh and by the way, Andrew especially, I'm promising updates to POST every weekday for the next two weeks at least. I've now linked to POST five times, so I hope I've convinced you that I really want you to check it out.

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    I like it. And I like you. Thanks for coming over on Sunday - you really added a lot to our conversation. And you were the only man in the room who didn't make me angry. Congratulations!  

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