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...and headed to bed. I just got back from the classical guitar circle that we hold once a month downtown. Last week a few guys from the circle including myself played on the Guitar Hour radio show on out local public radio. The promotion brought out a lot of people. In the past, the guitar circle has consisted of about 5 or 6 guitarists playing for each other. This week we had 12 (maybe one or two more) guitarists and upwards of 20 people who came just to listen. Cool beans. Now I'm tired.

Pretty soon I'll let you know about some upcoming concerts. Til then save March 2, April 2 and April 25. More details to come.

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  1. # Anonymous miranda

    you would have a concert 2 days before I get there. By the way, I'm staying at your house March 4 and 5. And maybe Jeni should pick me up at the airport. and maybe i should tell her that instead of you. anyway, looking forward to seeing you.  

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