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Here's the long awaited video of our trip to Montana!, where I host these videos, gives you 30 MB of space every week which resets on Sunday. After you upload your file it gets converted to flash for easier viewing. I actually uploaded this video yesterday afternoon, but there were 149 other clips in line to be converted before mine. So, here it is finally, the wait is over!

Our Weekend Trip to Montana on Vimeo

2 Responses to “Montanawesome”

  1. # Blogger Andrew Seely

    Thank you for my daily dose of Al Green. I feel complete now.  

  2. # Blogger Andrew Seely

    matt you should look into
    as far as I know they don't have any limits to how much you can upload. Though they don't convert into flash.

    But give them a look see.

    They are who I use for the vlogs.  

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