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Just a Clarification

Thanks for all the comments for yesterday's post. It feels good to know that people are out there and caring. So, feel free to stroke my ego whenever you have a spare minute. Also, if you haven't read yesterday's post yet you should to put this one in context.

I want to reply to the anonymous comment (please reveal yourself, if you would be so kind) because I think the poster may have misunderstood my motives for deciding to pursue music. I don't feel like the time I have invested in music is forcing me to continue for fear of wasting that investment. When I started to play music, and then continued to play music, and then decided to study music in college I always felt an aspect of God's calling in it. Making music satisfies me in a way that nothing else has. I love the fact that it is a physical skill in a culture based on the trade of ideas and information. I am also fascinated by the fact that this very physical skill produces something which doesn't physically exist but is a complete abstraction. Music has also always been intimately tied to my work in the church and my personal faith. Music is a unique creation of God with which I am gifted.

In my last semester at Whitworth I took the theology class which predicated this whole search for life direction. In theology I found many of the same things as I find in music. Our conceptions of God are abstractions but they are based on a very real foundational reality of God himself and his revelation. I think I could find myself just as satisfied studying theology as I could be studying music.

On the flip side, I think I could serve God and live in his will just as well being a musician as I could being a professor of theology or a pastor. The years of study on guitar act more or less as a tie-breaker. There are two broad options I think I could pursue and be successful in. God will love me equally in both. I already have 5 years academic experience in one of those fields. I guess I've just decided to go with what will get me out of school and on with my life faster.

Plus, as I said before, I reserve the right to go back to school later in life. I know many people who have. Perhaps 10 or 15 years in music will be enough for me and I'll fell like going back to tie up some loose ends.

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