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I'm really not doing anything as well as I should be. You may have noticed the "Matt Reads the Bible" link that was added last week to the sidebar. Turns out I actually don't read the Bible. I am a creature of habit. I learned this about myself in college and I think it's something that I can't change but need to learn to embrace and use to my advantage. For example, in college I didn't watch tv or play video games and instead established the habit of playing guitar at regular times, usually early in the morning and between certain classes. That regularity worked wonders for my guitar playing.

I really want to build a similar habit for bible reading, as well as continue the habit for guitar playing. Unfortunately when you move to a new country, 'routine' becomes something that is hard to come by. Last week Jeni had tremendously long days at school every day and every day I played guitar in 2 hour chunks with an hour's break after each chunk, did the day's dishes at 5 and then left to walk to the school to meet Jeni getting off of the bus. This week Jeni has had a sporadic class schedule, getting back to the flat early in the afternoon and such, and it has really thrown me off.

It probably says something about me and maybe should influence my career choice that the thing that got the shaft most this week was Bible reading.

On the topic of career choices, I am currently applying to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama to continue my guitar studies. This, while a great thing to have happening, is yet another gear thrown into the works and has further diminished the prospect of regularity in my life.

So, to recap, Bible/guitar. I'll post more in a day or two about the choice to continue my guitar studies and why that beat out other options. In the meantime I will do the only thing that I do everyday (although even this I don't do at consistently regular times): sleep.

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  1. # Blogger Mariquita

    Yeah, my Bible-reading is the first thing to get shoved in the I'll-do-it-later category. Why is that?  

  2. # Blogger Jenevieve

    Satan? Either that, or our own desire to sin?

    From the girl who finds it much easier to pick up a mystery novel than the Good Book.  

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