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Ok, blogger is not letting me post photos, probably because it somehow knows that the photos I want to post are absolute nonsense. How can they even tell?!? Well, I don't know but they obviously can. Anyhow, there are these things over here called flapjacks, which are basically like Rice Krispy treats but made with oats and no marshmallows. Marshmellows. Anyway, you basically get the picture right, well I mean except for the fact that blogger won't let me put it up. Jeni and I bought a little tub of bite sized flapjacks, and on the side is has a picture of some flapjacks, just, you know, so you know what you're getting into before you buy it. The photo is just of some flapjacks, little square oat thingys (thingies?) just sittin' around. Like they just put some on a table and took a picture of them. Ok, Matt, I can hear you saying, who gives a crap. Well, the odd thing is that on the photo, just like on a box of cereal or some such with milk poured on it and fruit and orange juice, it says "Serving Suggestion." I get it with the box of cereal, cause the photo has all sorts of stuff in it that isn't in the box and they are saying, "You might want to pick up milk, fruit and some orange juice if you really want to enjoy your breakfast," you know, just to give you a hand. But with the flapjacks? Are they saying, "You might just want to lay these out on the table and look at them for a while before you eat them, that's just how I'd suggest serving them." Or maybe, when you have friends over, you should just have some flapjacks all scattered around your place for like, a pleasant snacking surprise that you didn't expect while sitting over by the bookshelf but guess what, I just sort of put out some flapjacks over there before you all got here.

Hmm, this is perhaps not the best blog post I've ever written, and I actually don't know if those photos would have made it better or worse.

The basic premise is, you're just supposed to take a flapjack out of the container and eat it, it is not to be served, and the photo suggesting a possible serving was completely nonsensical. That's the premise here, people.

Anyway, I just came up with this idea for a drink called the Flapjackhammer. You fill a glass with mini flapjacks, then you cover them with vodka. Unfortunately I can't even blame the lame-itude of this post on having had one too many Flapjackhammers (which I think would only be one) before writing it.

Ok, it's late here.

Good night.

By the way, the joke from a few days ago was "Chronic Cling." I mean, just in case you missed that one.

5 Responses to “Ummm?”

  1. # Blogger Andrew James

    I totally thought it was chronical-ing.  

  2. # Blogger Andrew James

    Should that be chronicle-ing?  

  3. # Blogger Andrew James

    You were always better at the language stuff.  

  4. # Blogger Andrew James

    And apparetnly it is 6:31 a.m. now. Wierd.  

  5. # Blogger Mariquita

    I'm pretty excited to come visit you and find flapjacks hidden strategically around the flat for my snacking needs. In the bathtub. Under the mattress. Maybe even the laundry hamper.

    Thanks for making me giggle at 6:20 in the morning.  

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