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Sausage Rolls!!!

Ok, so we finally have internet of our own, so perhaps you'll get more regular updates from me about our adventure! Ok, I don't want to start this out with depressing stuff so I won't. Instead of telling you all about the extreme emotional trauma that moving around the world has been I will tell you about...

Sausage Rolls

Everything is different over here, sometimes not drastically different but just different enough to make you curse this foreign land and yearn for the red, white and blue. However, there has been one new source of comfort which we never experienced at home: the sheer joy of sausage rolls. Pretty much wherever you go you can ask for a sausage roll and, while you won't always get the same thing, you will always get something extremely awesome. The link above leads to Greggs, a local bakery chain. There's a Greggs every few blocks around here. Their sausage rolls are made of sausage wrapped in fantastic, light pastry crust, and cost only 48p each. The Elephant House, a local restaurant and coffee place famed as the place where J.K. Rowling wrote much of the first Harry Potter novel, has sausage rolls that are comprised of two sliced sausages on a roll that tastes just like a McDonald's biscuit. Jeni got a sausage roll at the vet school which she assures me was awesome as well.

So, sausage rolls are awesome. I think there's a large part of the Edinburgh population that subsists entirely on sausage rolls alone. While that may not be the best culinary plan of action for our time here, whenever I'm feeling down about this horrible strange place that's so far removed from everything I know and love, I know I can stop by pretty much anywhere to pick up a sausage roll and lift my spirits.

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  1. # Blogger Mariquita

    I'm glad you have sausage roll therapy. Do they come with gravy? My most recent coping mechanism has been meregue music, aka Latin Therapy. You should try it - it's pretty great. :)  

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