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Portobello is a mile or two east of us. We'd heard that it has a beach, so we figured we'd hop on the bus (route 26) to check it out. Here's what we saw.

Clothing Stores of Dubious Quality:

Mildly Racist Auto Repair Shops:

Redundant Street Names:

Everyone's Favorite Game Show:

And Finally, a Beach with a Nice View:

It was great to get out and walk by the water for a while. Jeni and I both felt ourselves actually relaxing and worrying less. This part of Edinburgh feels sort of like the parts of Ventura where the apartments come right down to the water. Except of course that all the buildings here are made of stone and seems like they've been here forever. There just happens to be a bus which runs once an hour from the Portobello high street to the vet school. Perhaps when our lease is up here next June we'll find a place out by the water.

Oh, yeah, here's one last picture from Princes Street.

An Extremely Large Burger King:

256 does sound impressive at first until you realize that 512 is really the minimum nowadays and 1G is the new standard.

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  1. # Blogger Seth

    jan says howdy
    nice pictures  

  2. # Blogger Bianca

    Oh, are so clever...  

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