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A Pretty Decent Birthday All Around

Today had its ups and downs, but it ended with an up, which is always a good thing. I spent most of my day wrestling with an experimental ice cream cake. Perhaps in a day or two I'll come up with an embellished and obfuscated version of the events and post them as a short story that touches on the core struggles and truths of our shared human existence. For tonight I'll merely say that having the right ice cream is essential for making a good ice cream cake.

I also spent much of the day going stir crazy, staring at the wall, fidgeting in my chair, wandering aimlessly on the internet (mainly, etc. I really need to get started with my studies at Glasgow. I've worked for as long as I can with no outside direction and my screws are starting to come loose. In just a few short days I'm sure I will wake up and get out of bed only to stroke lovingly and speak tenderly to our herb garden until it's time to go back to sleep again. Really people, I'm coming apart at the seams here.

On the up side, we finished up the night by playing a new game, Ticket to Ride Europe, with Rob and Emma, our upstairs neighbors. Basically you have a big map of Europe and get to build train routes across it. Everyone has secret cards with destination goals (such as to connect Berlin and Roma) which they reveal at the end of the game to get points. If you don't finish your goals, you lose points instead. It's really awesome fun and really easy to get the hang of. It gets my two thumbs up. We'll now have it in rotation with Settlers of Catan so we don't get burned out on either one. Risk: Godstorm is the next game on our shopping list, but it'll probably be a little while before we get that one.

Anyway, there's my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

2 Responses to “A Pretty Decent Birthday All Around”

  1. # Blogger Mariquita

    Hip Hip Hooray for an up-ending to a birthday. I hope your seams start to get sewed together again soon.  

  2. # Blogger Amy Souza

    rock it friend......glad you are alive and well.  

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