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Some Photos!

Sorry about the lack of posts of substance recently. My excuse isn't that nothing has happened worth posting about, it's that so much stuff has been going on that I've found myself somewhat overwhelmed. What's going on right now is that Jeni and I are sick, so I'm using the down time to put up a few photos we've taken recently that I like. Here they are!

Look! A castle!
We were out walking the other day and the castle peeked out from behind some trees so I grabbed a pic of it.

Swan 3
I think this swan pic has already been on the blog, but I like it so it's going up again.

Another beautiful day in Edinburgh!
I took this snapshot of Jeni while we were waiting for a bus on Princes Street to go out to the zoo. Dumb luck and an excellent subject turned this mindless snapshot into a great picture.

Eagle close up
One of the Edinburgh Zoo's sea eagles.

Sea Eagle looks right
I think these guys are pretty gorgeous.

Cute Penguin 437
One of a zillion penguins at the zoo.

Here's the zoo's polar bear Mercedes who was out basking in the late afternoon sun.

River Otter 3
River otter! These guys are beyond cute. The zoo has about 8 of them who wriggle around in a squirming pile of cuteness while squeaking like newly hatched chicks.

In other news, anyone who has gotten to know me exclusively from this blog might think that I'm a generally fun loving and cool to be around kind of guy, but I assure you that if you knew me in real life, you would know that unfortunately that's not the case. Today I stumbled upon this comic which I think sums the real life me up pretty well.

3 Responses to “Some Photos!”

  1. # Blogger Mariquita

    You've got some Audubon-worthy photos there.

    And you've always been fun and cool when I'M around. I think maybe you're feeling delusional because you're sick. We'll forgive your lapse this time.  

  2. # Blogger Jenevieve

    That's what I told him too, Mariquita! Just look at the captions for thee photos. "...squirming pile of cuteness..."? That's a very fun description.  

  3. # Blogger Bianca

    a) Boo being sick.
    b) Yay majestic castle!
    c) Jeni's cute!
    d) PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!
    e) When Andrew and I lived in Alaska we saw lots of river otters...they would come up on the beach to roll in the sand and eat giant crabs. They're my favorite! (minus the actual shredding of crabs part...)  

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