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Just a General Post/Scholarship Audition

Well, my poor roommate Derrick had, before today, never heard Taco Grande by Weird Al. Well, college is a time to meet new and interesting people I guess. Now he has, and I'm sure he will think his life greatly enriched by it. Frankenstein by Edgar Winter Band is going on now, earlier we had various They Might Be Giants, which he had never heard of at all, and some pretty cool John Scofield. He's now, I'm sure, thinking fondly of the days before I had a computer of my own in the room. I don't think we really share the same musical tastes. Dick Dale is up now, soon to be followed by the Rev. Al Green and maybe some BPBs. You get a free pat on the back if you know what BPBs stands for. Anywho....

So I auditioned for a music scholarship from Whitworth today for next year. Today was the first time that I have actually had to do a live audition in front of a real person. I'm not really sure how I made it this far without doing one before, but here we are. For being my first live audition it went pretty well. My performance was by no means perfect, but I went from one end of my piece to the other without stopping, which I guess is a good thing. My guess is that my scholarship for next year will stay pretty much the same as it was this year. Whelp, bring on mediocrity!!!

Mmmm, mediocrity.

Maybe I'll go back to the BPBs.

I just had blogger run a spell check and obviously I mispelled quite a few words, here are the correct spellings:

Well, somehow Boston slipped into my playlist to close my blog with...isn't that nice? Now I'll close my eyes and you'll slip away...

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