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Soul Food!

Ok, ok...the day or two till the new post has blossomed into well over a week, but I've got a good reason for not posting: I've been too lazy. If that's not a good reason, I don't know what is. Anyway, tonight Jeni and I ate at Spokane's only soul food place, Chicken-N-More. Wow. Those be some good eats. Sorry, no waffles, but I'm willing to say that the food far exceeds that of Roscoe's. I had a BBQ beef brisket sandwich and Jeni had the fried catfish. We topped it off with a large order of jo-jos which made for a meal I'll be feeling for weeks. Well, if anyone who's reading this feels like coming up to Spokane, Jeni and I will spring for Chicken-n-More. It'll be worth your trip.

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