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A Spring Break Adventure!

So on Friday night Jeni and I get dropped off at the Spokane Airport to fly down to L.A. for spring break and find out that our flight is cancelled! And not just a little cancelled, either, but all the way, this flight ain't happening cancelled. Apparently there was some sort of mildew in the motor or something, and they had to tow the plane to Portland or something to get it fixed. Well, this is an inconvenience, but not a huge problem, we can simply fly later that night or on another airline or something. Except for the fact that it's spring break, and every airline is fully booked till about Tuesday. Oh yeah, the other factor is that Jeni and I have an engagement party planned for Saturday in Los Angeles which my grandmother had flown in from North Carolina for...the story goes on... So we figure we can just take a later flight out of Spokane on United but the earliest time they could get us into L.A. from Spokane would be about midnight Saturday night, which kind of ruins the plans for the engagement party. Well, we find out from the guy working at the counter that there is a flight leaving for L.A. from Seattle at noon on Saturday, which would get us into town in time to have the party Saturday evening. Of course the problem is that there are no flights into Seattle arriving before noon Saturday. At this point we decide, hey, if we can't fly to Seattle we could just drive! Of course we couldn't take Jeni's car, because then it would end up stranded in Seattle, so we decide to get a rental. It'll be a pain, cause I'm the only one old enough to drive the car so I'll have to drive the entire 325 miles or so, but that's ok. Then, as I am attempting to rent the car, my credit card declines. Wha'!?!? And of course, you can't rent a car with cash and Jeni can't pay with her card cause she's not old enough to rent a car, etc..., etc... So I call my credit card company to find out why my card declined to discover that my credit limit is $2 short of the amount I need to rent the car. After a few minutes on hold, the company raises my credit limit by $5 so I can rent the car. Jeni and I decide we are going to drive over that night and stay in a motel over night to make sure we don't miss the flight in Seattle. As we drive across the state Jeni and I get to hang out and talk with each other with no interruptions or distractions for the first time in months. The radio stays off for the entire drive. That made the entire ordeal worth is. When we get to the hotel in Seattle we look at the clock and it says it's after midnight. It didn't feel like it should be that late, but we just set an alarm for 8:15 and go to sleep. We wake up a 8:15, shower, get downstairs and eat breakfast at nine, leave for the airport at 9:30, return the car at the airport and get in line to check in for our noon flight at what we both think is about 10 or 10:15. As we are waiting in line to check in I look at the departure screen to make sure our flight isn't cancelled again, and see that the flight is on time. I also see the clock on the screen that says the current time is 9:10 am. Weird... We check Jeni's cell phone, and it's true. The clock at the hotel must have been about an hour and a half fast, so we got to spend an extra hour in SeaTac airport. Fun stuff. We finally get in to L.A., and have a great engagement party and everything turns out ok. And that brings us to right about now. Well, I'm sorry that writing was so lacking in grace and constantly shifting from present to past tense, but hey, I'm really tired. I've driven 325 miles straight, flown from Seattle to L.A., and had about a 4 hour long engagement party in less then 48 hours. I'm tired. I'ma sleep now.

Well, I've gots to say, I got a pretty pathetic response on the favorite smell memory question in my last post. You people need to convince me that I'm not just typing into thin air for no reason, although I very well might be. Come on people, contribute, pitch in your fair share, your two cents. Making a great place to be on the internet is a team effort.

Seriously people, there's no I in blog.

This post's (hopefully) conversation starter: What's your favorite rental car memory? Share the wealth, leave a comment, make this blog a better place!

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