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The Platonic Form of Rock the name of the band whose show you missed tonight. The Platonic Form of Rock, formerly known as The Matt Show, debuted tonight at the Empyrean coffehouse in Spokane to an audience of my wife, the proprieters, and several homeless people looking in through the window. So far The Platonic Form of Rock features me on guitar and singing, and Seth playing percussion. The Empyrean's performance space is a literal hole in the wall. They rented the out of buisness storefront next to theirs and stripped it, then knocked a hole in the wall to connect the two. It's really quite cool. Unfortunately, it's a little outside of central downtown Spokane and on a sort of bad stretch of street. We were advised to park our car where we could see it all night. Aside from that, this place is really cool, and hopefully it will take off.

So how did The Platonic Form of Rock come to be? This morning I was woken up by the arts calendar on the radio announcing an open mic night at Rock Coffee downtown. Determined not to let this opportunity slip by, and to really get my money's worth out of the last day of summer before school starts, I stopped by Seth's and told him we had a gig. Of course, at that point we didn't have a band yet, so we got together just before the show and put together a few old songs of mine. When we got to Rock Coffee, they informed us that the open mic night had to be cancelled this week, but told us of another local coffehouse that was holding one. That's how we ended up at the Empyrean.

Long story short, we rocked. We rocked uber-hard to an audience that at times was composed entirely of Jeni. Hopefully we'll get to do that again someime. I'll let you know when the next show is.

Tonight's Set List:
Too Good
Without A Scream
O Ephraim
Alesis MultiMix 8 USB

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  1. # Anonymous Anne

    hey Matt- I don't know if you got the instant message I sent u over AIM (my SN is rockonsockmonkey) but the guitar books are called a "modern method for guitar volumes 1, 2, 3." by william leavitt....they're published by the berklee can buy each volume seperately and it comes w/cds..or buy the huge 3 volume book in 1 for less $, but with no cds. i paid around 35 bucks for the 3 volume thing...and seperately i wanna say that they're around 22 or 23 bucks for each volume.  

  2. # Blogger Andrew Seely

    sweet sorry i missed it  

  3. # Blogger tim

    Plato DOES rock. Crazy cave duality and what not. Ahead of his time.  

  4. # Blogger Anastasia

    hey good for you!  

  5. # Blogger Anastasia

    thats right near the house i grew up in. not the hottest neighborhood  

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