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What, a New Post?!?

Well, don't expect it to be good or very long. I figured I should just let you know that at least I'm still alive. Jeni just left for LA this morning, which leaves me alone for an undetermined period of time. If she comes back on her originally planned date I think it'll be close to two weeks apart. Hmm, well, I guess we'll just figure out how to deal with it.

I've been thinking recently about being a musician, and if it was really a good decision to make, you know, studying music and all. Well, I've got to run to class, maybe more later.

3 Responses to “What, a New Post?!?”

  1. # Anonymous amy

    Thanks for posting.....glad to know you are still alive. The daily check in to your site was getting sad.

    sorry about the 2 weeks apart. sad times.  

  2. # Anonymous Anne

    How'd the recital go?  

  3. # Anonymous gravy

    You could totally be a gourmet chef. And then you could get hired by the CIA and go undercover chef, secretly and slowly poisoning bad guys by slipping in a little secret ingredient into their souffles and filet mignon and other french words.

    But seriously, ignoring your gifts would probably not be as satisfying as pursuing them. Just a thought.

    See you tomorrow! Yay Halloween parties!  

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