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Finals (Guitar) Week

Ok, here comes finals week. Today (Sunday night) I played my guitar at a performance out in Coeur D'Alene in Idaho. It was pretty cool and a good chance to get to play in front of a live audience as well as to hear some other guitarists play. Tonight was a warm up for Musicfest tomorrow morning. I'm competing in two solo guitar classes. I'll let you know if I win anything, new car, boat, goat, whatever. Anywho, here's the week's rundown:

Monday: Musicfest and Sociology final
Tuesday: Presenting my final project (a book of original songs) in Church Music Techniques.
Wednesday: Upper-Division Auditions. I play my guitar for the faculty and they tell me if I can take 300 and 400 level courses.
Thursday: Performance Final. I play my guitar so they know that I'm better than I was at the end of last semester.
Friday: Music Theory party at the prof's house! Oh yeah, you know you wish you were a music nerd. My final project will be an atonal composition sequenced with Reason.

So there it is. If it looks like a light week, that's cause it is. Don't feel sorry for me, go visit Jeni's blog (I'm not even going to put a link cause unless hell-a.k.a. the science building-freezes over, she won't be blogging this week at all) and feel sorry for her.

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