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It's Not Time for a New Post Again Already, is it?

No, it's not! If you'd direct your eyes northward on this page just an inch or two, you'd see that I have clearly stated that this blog will be "updated at least monthly." Hence, today being Nov. 19 and my last post being dated Nov. 10, I am still well within my rights to refrain from posting without being labeled a hobo-blogger. (In case you couldn't tell, passive voice was being used extensively in that last sentence to strike back at the one who was telling me I need to be updating my blog more often. I might be continuing my attack by dangling one of those things you're not supposed to dangle if I can figure out a way to. Sweet! How is it feeling to be reading that, Grammar Nazi (INTERROBANG!?!))

Anyway, on to more pertinent matters. I am aware that my posting has become more sparse as of late. There have been quite a few things I would have blogged about, but a lot of those things consisted of thoughts that I didn't want to have out in the public sphere with my name on them. For example, just a few nights ago I gave my notice at the church downtown where I work. December 18 will be my last day as a paid musician there. Over the last few weeks I'd have liked to blog about the events and my thoughts leading up to this, but that might have hurt feelings or put me in an awkward spot if this blog were found by people involved in the situation.

What I'm getting to is that I'm staring to consider switching over to an anonymous, or pseudonymous blog at some point in the near future. Any thoughts? You'd all be invited to come along, of course, as long as you promise not to reveal my secret identity. Let me know what you think and I'll give you more real news later.

5 Responses to “It's Not Time for a New Post Again Already, is it?”

  1. # Anonymous Grammar Nazi 1

    You shouldn't be worrying about me having to be revealing your secret identity. I am not wanting to be revealing it, anyway.  

  2. # Anonymous amy

    you could call yourself....bubba.
    or denver dan.
    or marko twainze....

    the possibilities are endless!!!  

  3. # Anonymous ryan

    I like something with amazing, super, fantazmo, ultimo, the the, or captain in it. You must have a cap too. Word I am looking forward to this new identity.
    May I be somekind of side kick?  

  4. # Anonymous Tim

    Max Powers.

    Dick Cheney would be funny too.  

  5. # Anonymous jeni

    you are so hot. seriously.  

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