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The Force is Strong in this Bladder

That's what I was feeling about an hour and 45 into the latest Star Wars. (Should there be a space there, or is it StarWars? Nerds, help me out.) I'll have to see it again at some point when I'll be a little less distracted by the warm, wet side of the Force.

So, my review? It was a pretty good movie on its own, really good compared to Episodes One and Two, and absolutely masturbatory in the satisfaction you receive in witnessing the events that shaped Luke Skywalker's and Han Solo's galaxy. This movie had two distinct strengths: the lovey-dovey stuff was kept to a minimum (as opposed to Episode Two when I nearly puked) and the pacing of the movie was great (as opposed to Episode One when I nearly tried to figure out a way to commit suicide with Junior Mints halfway through the pod-racing scene). Oh, yes, and Jar-Jar is present but completely mute. Not quite as good as getting hacked up by Sam Jackson's light-saber, which is what I was holding out for, but acceptable.

I think my only complaint with this movie is dialogue. George Lucas is a great story teller and can think up fabulous events and situations and weave them all into a coherent whole, but he can't write dialogue for beans. There were several points in this movie where I felt like I had to ignore what the characters where saying in order to enjoy what was going on. No spoilers here, if you want to debate some finer points just email or call me, and I'll probably ignore you 'cause I'm not enough of a nerd to spend my time debating the finer points of the Star wars galaxy.

Well, that's it for now. It's a good movie, go see it. Tell 'em Good Shot Mike sent you.

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