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Time... something I have to figure out how to deal with. Why am I so busy all the time? I don't have a TV, I don't play video games, I don't spend near as much time on the internet as many people I know and yet I still always seem to be rushing off to one thing or another or working hard on something as another thing looms close on the horizon. Hmm.

I have two classes back to back on MWF afternoon: Music History 3 and Intro to the Christian Faith. MH3 is taught by an adjunct and I believe it is his first time teaching this material. ICF is taught by a prof who's been at Whitworth for what seems like forever and has been teaching this class just as long. In MH3, we're always running out of time. Our prof tries to tell us all sorts of disjointed facts about a whole slew of composers while trying to play examples of their music for us, most of which he is hearing for the first time with us. I've never heard a teacher mutter so much about being so short on time. Half of the class period is spent listening to him mumble about running out of time while he fumbles with the cd player, trying to find what he's sure he listened to earlier that day.

ICF follows immediately. The classes are of the exact same length, and yet ICF never seems pressed for time. The class starts often with some time of discussion, then singing some hymns, then recapping the last lecture, then going on into new material stopping often for discussion or questions to the class and just when you think class must have gone over by ten minutes at least (not because it wears on you but simply because so much has happened), you look at your watch and realize that there are still ten or fifteen minues left.

Well, I won't make any commentary on these observations tonight, it's getting pretty late and I feel I've spent enough time on this for tonight. I think I'll continue writing about TIME tomorrow.

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