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Why blog?

This is a question that I've asked myself several times since I started this blog, once prompting my absence of several months. What a strange medium this is. It's not really a journal because my thoughts are open to anyone to read right away, it's not a stage to entertain from since I'm not that entertaining and it's not really a great place to build relationships since I prefer doing that face to face. So what's the deal with blogging?

I don't know why I started bringing up old stories recently, I guess I figured that if I was going to blog again it had to be something different than it was before. Of course, if you look at 'before' I don't think you'd see that a real unifying theme ever emerged. I guess that's why this whole format change idea was bound to fail from the beginning. I like telling old stories, but I don't think I could do it all the time and at the expense of other things.

I figure this blog should have some sort of personal purpose. This recent post should give you a bit of an idea regarding what I mean. This forum shouldn't just be a place to waste time, but a place foster growth emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. If it can help with those things, which I think it might, then it serves a good purpose.

Don't worry, I'll still post stupid pointless crap up here. Pointless crap can be like a rainbow: if you follow it far enough you may find a pot of gold at the end. That's already happened once in the past week or so.

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