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Our meat tenderizer only cost 99 cents and came with free rootbeer!

At least one very voraciously vigilant vicarious viewer (I don't know why I just typed that, it doesn't even really make sense) noticed the IBC branded bulbous bottle of bodacious beer of root. That large bottle has served faithfully for nearly half a year as our trusty meat tenderizer. It really works quite well, I'd recomend you all go out to the store right now, buy some rootbeer and pound some meat.

Jr. high!!!
Jr. high indeed. I had a stretch of good english classes for a while in my life and even considered english as a major when I came to college. In one Jr. high english class we had teams of about 4 students each that we worked in throughout the year. Our textbook was the Holt classic Elements of Literature. Now it just so happened that at this point in my life I was proficient in drawing not only all manner of sea life, but all sorts of large land mammals as well. To put this mammoth mammalian mastery of..(um) ..mammoth..(crap).. mammals..(oh geez)..well, aside from the mammoth..(well, at least that's over with) to good use we named our group the Elephants of Literature!

Well, the Elephants didn't do much of any import in my life. My only memory is of once during a debate when someone from another team vehemently stated (for some reason which escapes me now) "it's because we can't find a better way!" and one of my teammates started singing "Can't find a better way..." to Better Man by Pearl Jam. That was close to a decade ago and it's still stuck in my head.

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