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The Axe

I've been talking a lot about guitar recently and realized that I never posted any pics of my new guitar. Well, this one isn't great but you can get a look at it anyway. It was built completely by hand by a luthier named Mike Elwell in Idaho. The back and sides are Macassar ebony and the top is an old (~30 years) piece of european spruce with a lot of figure in it as you can see from the picture. The fin looking deisign on the tie-block is made from fossilized mammoth and walrus ivory. The rosette (the design around the soundhole) was also done all by hand. In addition to looking great, this guitar sounds amazing. It is one of the loudest guitars I've ever heard (it has ports on either side of the neck on the side of the body, about where my chin is in the picture, which increase volume and open up the sound) and always gets a lot of attention at shows for its tone and projection. I really lucked out with this guitar.

Rock rock on!

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