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It's that time again

That's right, more time with your favorite Matt, Matt! I was going to post last night but once again TIME reared it's hideous head and by the time I got to the computer it was much too late and I was much too tired to think in any sort of ordered fasion.

My reason for being out so late last night was that I played in a guitar concert in Couer d'Alene, Idaho. Cd'A is a resort town on a lake not too far from the ID/WA border. Yesterday was an excellent example of how time manages to push me around. My morning was free so I spent it playing guitar since I knew I wouldn't get a chance to even warm up before I went on stage that evening. Then:
1-3:15ish class at Whitworth
3:15-4 run my pieces once more just to see if I can do it cold, which I will have to later in the day, grab some dinner
4-4:30 driving to church
4:30-5:30 Rehearsal for Sunday morning
5:30-6:00 Driving back to Whitworth
6:00-6:30 watching the first half of a recital
6:30-7:30 Driving to Cd'a (which includes driving past the church I had left an hour ago
7:30 Walk into concert, listen to a few guitarists before my, tune up and play

By the way, the drive to church is about 7 miles each way, the drive to Cd'A about 37 each way.

So why am I cheesed off about the business of yesterday? Well, it must be because I feel like that time was mine and I would have chosen to spend it on something else. But what? Guitar is the thing that jumps into my mind first. Whatever I'm doing, almost invariably I'd rather be playing guitar. And I want to do it on my terms. Yesterday I drove for nearly 2 hours in order to play 10 minutes worth of music without a warm up. Not really my idea of a great time.

If I sound selfish and bratty by now, good. That's the point. I'm way too selfish with my time. I always want it on my terms, I always want to do what I think is best. I have no problem sitting down with my guitar and practicing for 5 hours, but when was the last time I spent half an hour reading scripture or praying. Man, and I work in a church, too. Well, what about cultivating your gifts? What about using the talent God has given you. I'll be straight with myself and admit that I'm one of the best guitarists in the area and the time I've put into it has indeed been paying off, but I'm in some serious need of reprioritizing.

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